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"Marilyn is a true professional. Her work was flawless and deserved more than I was able to provide. Nevertheless, Marilyn kept wide open lines of communication and interactivity that pushed the project fast towards completion. Will definitely work with this provider again!" A++ - Filipe De Souza of KYbusinessweb

"Glad to choose you for proofreading Marilyn :)" - Markos Kristofides

"I loved your work. Thank you very much for your intelligent work. I have received the document; the improvements you made were perfect. Thank you for an incredible job." - Nalinrat from Thailand

"I cannot recommend Marilyn enough. Far more than her prompt and professional service, but also friendly encouragement and support. Endless patience with high volumes of legal research with demanding deadlines. I cannot put into words the change it made for me at the end of my postgraduate study to discover Marilyn. I only wish I had found her earlier and could have saved myself long hours of fruitlessly rearranging commas, references and brackets etc."

At the end of the day having good ideas or having done vigorous research investigations, much is lost if not written clearly, concisely and correctly and it is so difficult to look at one's own work objectively. I really cannot explain the relief I felt at finding Marilyn and being able to trust herknowing that she delivers to tight deadlines. I look forward to working with her in the future to ensure a professional sheen to my writing. I also got a genuine sense that she was interested in the work written and wished me well! " - Jess Petersson